Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy BIRTHday Ella Grace and Kate Marie ~ Part I

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Ella Grace and Kate Marie joined the Ramondetta family.  Aside from a few other days (my salvation, wedding, the birth of Michaela and Sophia) this was one of the greatest days of  my life.

Warning: this is long but I don't want to forget a thing!

I'm gonna back up a few days...

Sunday was a hard day.  It was the first time I just hit a brick wall...I made it through church but I almost didn't go that night but I pressed on.  When I woke up Monday morning I was DONE.  I told the girls I needed to rest and we put on the old movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and I just slept off and on all day.  In my heart I kept thinking I don't think I can make it another week for my scheduled c-section of March 17.  I was so tired, sleep was almost non existent at this point and I actually wondered if I might get more sleep if they were just here!

Later that night  I got this rush of energy.  I told Michael I wanted to be ready in the morning in case they kept me.  From 32 weeks on we were having bi weekly non stress tests and sonograms in addition to seeing my OB every week.  Pretty much we were there all the time.  They had told me to have my bags ready but up until that Monday night I hadn't really got serious but that night I was.  I got the big girls all packed up.  I organized all their school stuff and had that ready.  Michael got a bag ready and I finalized my list too.  The only thing we didn't have ready was the van cleaned out and the car seats loaded.

On Tuesday we woke up and I was ready.  I told Michael I just had a feeling that today would be the day.  We headed to my mom's to drop the girls off so they could do school at her house.  I was planning on working there when I was done with my appointment.  When I kissed my mom goodbye I told her don't be surprised if you get the call.  My heart just had this feeling.  I was ready to meet my new girls!

On the way there Michael played an old song...the final count down.  I had never heard it but he had been referencing it and it was just a funny little moment.  We just chatted away about how the last 36 weeks and four days had flown by and here we were just a week away (or so he thought!).

We checked into the specialist office.  They had handled all my sonograms/non stress tests as well as every other week appointments the whole pregnancy.  I was scheduled to see my OB following that appointment.  I started with the non stress test (like always).  They usually had an issue with Baby A moving enough and they typically lasted anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour long.  Michael settled down with a book in the waiting room.  As soon as they hooked them up I noticed right away that Baby B's heart rate was fast and it was not surging (going up and going back down) like she normally did.  It was staying fast like 190-200 bpm fast.  The nurse came in and out and looked concerned.  Finally she came in and said..."I think today is the day."  I gave her a hug I was so relieved/excited!  I went beaming out of there to get Michael and tell him the news.  They called us back for a sonogram to confirm what we all knew...Today is the day!

The sonogram went well.  Baby B's heart rate was still up so the Dr. made the decision that today was Baby Day.  They called my OB to cancel my appointment and to let him know.  We were sent to Labor and Delivery to get ready.

After being checked in we basically just waited for my OB to come down and get the party started. During this whole time we were frantically calling/texting everyone.  My mom and the girls were going to head to the hospital right away and my sister (who lives in Louisiana) started throwing things in her car.  My dad was in Port Charlotte and couldn't get away until that night.  It was so weird.  There we were all alone in pre-op room taking a selfie.  Things sure were different this time around.